Illustrious Yorkshire Terriers

Illustrious Yorkshire Terriers is an AKC Yorkshire Terrier breeder located in Missouri. Our goal is to raise show quality Yorkie puppies for show and pet homes. American, Canadian and International lineage.

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Conformation


Welcome to our site. We specialize in breeding gorgeous quality AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers from Champion lineage.

Illustrious Yorkshire Terriers is located in beautiful Southeast Missouri.                          

 All of our puppies are born and raised with complete supervision during whelping and up until they leave for their new home. We make sure our Yorkie puppies are given the very best start possible in life. 

As a Yorkie breeder I strive to improve with each breeding to produce top quality Yorkie puppies. As guidance to produce top quality AKC Yorkshire Terriers, I go by the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Standard and the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America. I do not breed for the off colored Yorkies. 

Occasionally we will have AKC Yorkie puppies for sale. Our puppies are sold to approved homes only. We DO NOT sell our Yorkshire Terrier puppies to just anyone. We DO NOT offer Yorkshire Terrier Stud services. All puppies sold to pet homes only will be spayed or neutered before leaving for their new homes.We DO NOT ship our puppies but can possibly make arrangements to meet part way if possible. 

Our goal in breeding quality Yorkshire Terriers, is to hopefully one day soon, to be producing our own AKC Champion Yorkshire Terriers! This is one of our little ones at his first show! Our Yorkies have American, Canadian and International lineage in their pedigrees.

The AKC Yorkshire Terrier is from the toy group. When searching for a Yorkie puppy many people use the terms, teacup Yorkie, tcup Yorkie, tiny Yorkie, baby doll face Yorkie, teddy bear face Yorkie. Teacup is a term used to describe a smaller than normal puppy by many people. Teacup Yorkies are not another breed of dog.

We do not advertise as having teacup Yorkie puppies for sale but do on occasion have puppies that will be tiny when grown. Tiny Yorkie puppies are not for the inexperienced dog owner and are not suitable for homes with small children.

If you are looking for that special little Yorkie puppy for sale in Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky or other area we may have what you are looking for from one of our litters of Yorkies. We are Veterinarian recommended by Veterinarians in and out of our area.

I am a member of:                                                   Missouri Animal Husbandry Association. MAHA