Illustrious Yorkshire Terriers

Welcome to our past Yorkie puppies page. Here you will get an idea of what some of our Yorkie puppy's look like as young and older dogs. Our Yorkie puppies are small in size when grown and just so adorable. AKC Yorkshire Terriers are a very popular breed of dog. Our Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale will be small in size when grown which makes them a wonderful little pet for someone looking for a small house dog. 

 With each litter we strive to produce a litter that is better than the last one. We breed for health first and foremost. For the coat we strive for that lovely to the floor, Tan and Blue in color, silky flowing coat that the Yorkshire Terrier is so well known for. We focus on great structure with a nice level top line, nice ear set and a gorgeous head. Our AKC Yorkshire Terriers are also bred to have a wonderful temperament.

Our Yorkie puppies for sale will come to your home very loved and spoiled. They are raised in a very loving and caring environment from birth on. We start our Yorkie Puppies on potty pad training at a very early age.

If you are looking for a AKC Yorkshire Terrier breeder in Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, maybe we can help you find what you are looking for from one of our litters. Where we are located in southeast Missouri puts us about an hour drive or less from these other states. We have Yorkshire Terrier puppies in Illinois, Missouri and other states as well that people have purchased from us.




Lives with Linda in Chicago      

Lives with Mary in Kentucky

Lives with Tom and Alice in Springfield Illinois Lives with George and Madison in Marion Illinois

Lives with Deedra and family in Illinois

Lives in Rockford Illinois